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About PB Blind Massage

Since 1986, PB Blind Massage has been providing close to 1000 people with visual impairments from across Malaysia a dignified way to earn a living and gain financial independence from their guardians and caretakers. Our professional masseurs undergo comprehensive training to gain a deep understanding of the human anatomy, which serves as a critical foundation to traditional Chinese Massage, and these courses span from 6 months to 1 year. The students will then graduate with a Certificate of Proficiency and can use their accolades and newly gained skills to earn a living as freelance masseurs of full-time employees anywhere in Malaysia. 


Located in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur - adjacent to Malaysian Association For The Blind (MAB), we currently have more than 30 professional blind masseurs working with our center of 10,000 sqft. With 20 massage rooms, we are able to accommodate up to 40 customers at a time.


Our unassuming shopfront doesn't promise much, but with our glowing reviews on Google and Facebook, we're sure to help you unwind with a therapeutic massage session.


"I want people come to PB Blind Massage for the excellency of our skills, not out of sympathy because of our blindness. That is why I believe it is very important for us, as masseurs, to do our work well."

Mr Lee Seng Chow, Founder

About the Founder, Lee Seng Chow

After an eye disease which robbed him of his sight at age 21, Lee Seng Chow has represented Malaysia in the Paralympics four times and has won several gold medals for the country in shotput and discus throw.


Following his retirement as an athlete, his interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine has also led him to become well-versed in the area of massage therapy and acupuncture. Upon realizing that people with visual impairment can become massage therapists in order to make a living and become independent, he then set out to establish PB Blind Massage in 1986 - the first blind massage center in Malaysia.


 To date, close to 1000 individuals with visual impairment from all over Malaysia has been trained by him and his team to provide professional massage services. He continues to provide upgrading courses for the centers’ graduates to help them keep up with new techniques and discoveries of the human physique, helping his professional blind masseurs remain competitive in the world of able-bodied folks. Thus, the professional blind masseurs can continue earning a dignified living sustainably - whether through commission-based or full-time employment. 

Lee is a member of Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan (YAKEB) which manages the welfare of former athletes, as well as Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) where he trains both blind and sighted students in massage and acupuncture.

The Blind Community in Malaysia

According to the National Eye Survey (NES) conducted by the Ministry of Health, as of 2018, about 90,000 people in Malaysia are completely blind, while 780,000 people suffer from low vision.

While the training center at the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) provides courses such as computer and information, customer service, etc., it is difficult for the blind to find related jobs even after completing their training due to society's low acceptance for visually impaired workers.

The massage industry is one that is easy for the visually impaired to be trained in, and has a higher workplace acceptance. Moreover, clients of professional blind masseurs have attested to the quality of the massage therapy they can provide - which shows that in the massage industry, the blind are not hired out of pity, but for their competency. 


As an industry that has existed for 40 years and more, blind massage has proven itself to be able to sustain its community as an integral part of the economy that is driven by demand and supply. With the continuous support of citizens and the government, the blind massage industry in Malaysia faces a brighter future where inclusivity happens not out of pity, but equity.


Your support matters

As an individual, your patronage allows us to continue providing our blind massage therapists with a dignified livelihood, as well as the opportunity to be financially independent. 

As a corporation, your partnership will make a world of difference in helping us sustain our 40-year business, as well as in giving us a shot to reach new heights and opportunities like never before.

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